Fable 2 PC

Fable 2 PC [Fable 2 PC Download]

Fable 2 is a game which was uniquely designed and coded for Xbox 360 console. Despite the mentioned fact, Fable 2 PC is an existing version of the game. This version you can find in this post.

What is Fable 2?

Fable II is a game which deals with the action role playing open world game category. It is the sequel of the Fable series. The game takes place in the unreal land of Ablion 500 years after the original setting of Fable. Weapon is still old school and castles and large cities have been developed instead of the towns. A different feature of Fable II is that you can choose to be either male or a female so in the future you can be married and have sexual liaisons with other male or female Fable II players online.

Fable 2 Gameplay

The game has many features in his gameplay such as Jobs, Family and Relationships, Character Morphing, Co-operating mode and Recreation. I will explain each feature in few sentences.

  1. In order to earn money on Fable 2 you need to get a job around Albion. The game offers a nice range of jobs to apply to. You can apply being an Assassin, Slaver, Bounty Hunter, Merchant and etc. You can do these of jobs every day but the sidequest jobs are single use. By doing these jobs your trade skills can be leveled up to five stars. This will allow you to make more money!
  2. Family and Relationships  In Fable 2, it is possible to the player to be married and have children.
  3. Character Morphing  The game allows the player to be either good or evil and have Purity or Corruption. Each kind affects the look of the player. Furthermore, you get fatter or skinner by the food you eat. If you eat fruits and vegetables you will look slim, but if you eat meat and drink alcohol you will look fat. Another thing that affects the appearance of the player is the level he is at. By leveling up you can increase the player’s skills and by this make him seem more attractive.
  4. Co-operating mode  You can play Fable II with your friends online.
  5. Recreation  The game has an exploration feature which is the one of the primary role in the game. In the game you will be advancing by completing missions that you choose. The game also offers mini games. The mentioned feature is essential in order to discover much of the hidden content of the game.

Fable 2 PC is the same as Fable 2 for Xbox but the fact that he runs on computers. All the above mentioned features are available on Fable 2 for PC too. I even think that the game runs better on pc and have nicer design. In addition, you can play it with other friends who doesn’t have Xbox either.

Would like to get Fable 2 PC?

  1. Click Here to get Fable 2 PC Download.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Read Me file.
  3. Enjoy playing Fable 2 on PC!


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