Forza Horizon PC

Forza Horizon PC

The below post will deal with the game Forza Horizon PC. Here you will be able to see a proof of the mentioned game running on PC and not only on xbox 360 as it claims to be.

Forza Horizon is an exclusive xbox 360 racing video game. It is an open road game taking place in a festival called Horizon, set in Colorado. The game gives you the option to create your desired car, buy parts for it and design it as you wish. The goal of the game is to progress as much as you can. This can be achieved by driving fast and gain points, destroying property, winning the game’s races and many other ways so you can become the best Forza Horizon driver.

Features of Forza Horizon:

The game features a skill system which is implemented in the game. Players earn this kind of points during races by drifting and driving aggressively. You can earn even a higher number of points by doing combos of drifting, jumping over obstacles and getting the car on only two of its wheels. These points also affect the popularity of the player and when this is increased you can unlock new special event.

Another feature of the game is collecting money in order to buy parts for your car and improve its driving. This can be earned by winning races, performing combos during races and by buying it.

Are there multiple race types included in the game?

Yes, the Forza Horizon game includes multiple race types such as drift and rally and point to point races. There is another feature in Forza which allows you to play multiple race game. The mentioned feature allows you to challenge other Horizon festival drivers to a one on one race in a chosen location.

All the above mentioned features such as multiple races and skill system are available on Forza Horizon PC as well.

I am sure many of you reading this are thinking there is no way to play forza horizon on pc, therefore I have decided to provide you a proof of me playing Forza Horizon on my own computer:

Want to have Forza Horizon on your PC?? Follow the instructions below:

  1. Download Forza Horizon PC by clicking here.
  2. Install the game on your pc.
  3. Double click Forza Horizon exe icon.
  4. Play Forza Horizon on PC by yourself or with cooperators.
  5. Enjoy !

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