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GTA 5 PC – GTA 5 PC Download [GTA V PC]

YES! It is finally here – What you ALL have been waiting for… GTA 5 for PC!

As I have seen in my facebook page many people were waiting for this game to be out. I know it took a lot of time for me and my friends to make this port, but you must understand this game is fresh and its guard is pretty hard. Therefore it has taken us a bit time to make this game a PC version. Now the GTA V PC Version is available and you can get it to work on your own computer.

But first thing first – a bit about the game:

Grand Theft Auto V is an action video game which was originally released only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There are some rumors saying the game will be out for the computer in the future. However it is not that certain that GTA 5 will have a PC version so me and my friends decided to take action. Since we are PC gamers and we love GTA series of games therefore gta 5 pc was developed and ripped by us.

GTA v is the fifth game in the Grand Theft Auto series. This one is played from a third person perspective. As the previous games, the game allows the player to use melee attacks, weapons, firearms and some others explosives in order to fight enemies and etc.

GTA 5 PC has several modes in it. You can either play by your own in the story mode as I have shown in the proof video. In addition, you can play in the online mode which allows you to play with other players.

In the multiplayer mode you are allowed to play with up to 16 more players. You have missions to complete, jobs to be done and more. Of course you can either play together or play against the others. I find it more fun to play against my friends and beat them!



Since a lot of people are looking for this game in its PC version and therefore there are many people who would like to sabotage the game and the port, me and my friends have decided to let this GTA 5 PC Download up only for few days. If I see high demand for the game and that people wish GTA V PC would stay up and downloadable we might consider leaving it up until the end of November. It is all up to you! Write a comment why you want the game to be up until November and we will consider it.


And now for the BIG moment!! Here are the instructions to make GTA 5 on PC:

  1. Click this link in order to get your GTA 5 PC Download.
  2. Unrar the GTA 5 PC file.
  3. Double click the exe game in order to run it.
  4. Like and Share this post.
  5. Enjoy playing GTA V on PC!

Have fun and thanks a lot for reading my GTA 5 PC – GTA 5 PC Download [GTA V PC] post.



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