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Halo 4 PC – Halo 4 for PC

Welcome to my Halo 4 PC post.  Halo 4 used to be available only for xBox 360. However, today you can have it running on your own PC .This is because I have found a way to play Halo 4 on PC.

Halo 4 game’s plot continues four years after the ending of the previous game of the series, Halo 3, in the year of 2557. As the fourth game of the Halo series, Halo 4 is a first-person shooter game which most of it gives the user a first-person perspective but when using several weapons, abilities and vehicles it switches to a third-person perspective. When being in a third-person mode, the player is revealed to real time information about the character’s armor system.

Other than having awesome features, modes, campaigns and more, it is a MUST to mention Halo 4 is one of the best games designed in the last decade. It has such a great and realistic design that makes you think you play with real persons.

The mentioned game features a story and campaign mode which you can play by your own or with a partner by splitting the screen to two or more. A nice feature of Halo 4 is the fact you can play story or campaign mode not only with a mate sitting next to you but with people all around the world by using xBox live. The PC version also has a multiplayer feature which allows you to play with cooperators in any mode of Halo 4.

Why is Halo 4 PC so great?

Halo 4 PC has all the features as the xbox version has. That means it has realistic design, extraordinary modes such as story mode and campaign mode which all their options are available to pc too, a possibility to play online and having fun with friends. All this is provided in the pc version so do you still have doubts why halo 4 pc is so great?

Still think it is not possible that an exclusive xbox game will have a pc version? Watch me:

Instructions of how to install Halo 4 PC:

  1.  Click Here to download the game.
  2. Choose the directory where you want to extract the rar file to.
  3. Install the game on your pc by double clicking the launch exe file.
  4. Let the exe install the game in your pc.
  5. Open the Halo 4 PC version game.
  6. Have Fun!



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