skate 3 pc

Skate 3 PC

Hi all and welcome to my Skate 3 PC post. Here you will be able to find a Skate 3 PC Download which will provide you the port to play this exclusive Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game on your own PC.

Skate 3 PC Gameplay:

The game takes place in an imaginary city which is called Port Carverton. The mentioned city is embracing the skateboarding, unlike the previous game which its mentality was “skateboarding is a crime”. The city has 3 districts in it- downtown, the university and industrial. Each district has its own design and monuments.

A new feature in this version of the game is that there are two new difficulty levels added Easy and Hardcore. Easy allows the player to perform tricks easier and provides the player a greater control of the character. Hardcore is a mode where the player must perform tricks precisely and it is a closer simulation of skateboarding. Another cool feature for beginners is a feature called “Skate School” where a coach named Frank teaches the players the basics of skateboarding.

Another feature as in Tony Hawk games is that you can build parks in Skate 3.

Skate 3 PC allows adding new content to the original game. That kind of downloadable content used to be available only in Xbox Live Marketplace and in the PlayStation Store, however I have managed to get all of those to this PC version I am giving to you.

This downloadable content is really unique and will be given only to the ones who deserve it. In order to prove this you should like our fan page and comment why you are the one who should get this downloadable content. Only 50 downloads are available for each downloadable content.

The downloadable content I can provide you is the below:

  • Time is Money Pack This pack allows you to unlock all the locations, skaters and gear and all the things that can be earned by playing through the career and online modes. (13 downloads left out of 50)
  • San Van Party Pack This pack includes party style challenges. (28 downloads left out of 50)
  • Filmer Pack This pack allows the player more functions when editing a video clip and adds an option of uploading in HD. (7 downloads left out of 50)

First of all, in order to use the above mentioned downloadable content you need to have the original Skate 3 PC on your computer. As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, you will see here a Skate 3 PC Download which will give you the port you need so you can play the game on your computer.

You can download Skate 3 PC by clicking the download button below:


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