the last of us pc

The Last Of Us PC

The Last of Us PC is available to download in the post below. The last of us is an action and adventure survival horror video game which was published by Sony Computer Entertainment only to PlayStation 3. However, now we managed to make it a port to pc.

When playing Last of Us, the player controls Joel, who is living in United States in the year of 2033, in order to escort a young lady named Ellie. He escorts her to a resistance group who believe she is the key to cure an infection that has devastated the world. You, the player as Joel, defend her from zombie like monsters which were infected by the mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus.  In addition, some human such as bandits and cannibals were infected and they are trying to attack you as well. In order to protect yourself and Ellie, the girl you escort, you have weapons and medical items which you can also combine to make an even more powerful weapon. The Last of Us became the fastest selling PlayStation 3 game after only 3 weeks since it came out!

The Last of Us PC Gameplay:

The last of us PC is a third person perspective. The game involves gun fighting, melee combat and a cover system with no preset cover locations. In the game you need to kill and get away from people and infected humans who are trying to get Ellie and use her as the cure to the infection which has ruled the earth. The last of us PC has a cool feature names “dynamic stealth” which allows the player, which is you, many different type of techniques and strategies to use in  a given time as you approach a new situation so you can defend the young girl. For each strategy or technique you decide to use, the enemies will react differently.

The last of us PC same as the original has a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is in a desperate component called “Factions”. This mode adds to the world a single player story established. This mode allows you to choose what faction you want to be, either a Hunter or a Firefly. With your player you need to survive a 12 weeks survival mode where you will need to stay alive by collecting supplies during matches. Each match counts as a day. When you survive the 12 weeks you will be able to start the mode all over again. The multiplayer feature gives you the possibility to join a clan which will help you to grow and survive.

Even though the game is announced as an exclusive PlayStation 3 game, we have found a port and a way to get The Last of Us PC run on your computer.

Follow the instructions below to get The Last of Us PC:

  1. Click here to download the last of us PC
  2. Extract the game to your own pc from the rar file
  3. Install the game into your computer
  4. Double click the game’s icon
  5. Enjoy playing The Last of Us PC!


The Last Of Us PC



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