UFC Undisputed 3 PC [UFC PC version]

Welcome to my UFC Undisputed 3 PC post. UFC Undisputed 3 used to be an exclusive Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 game, however, me and my team found a UFC PC version. You can find the UFC PC Game in the below post.

UFC Undisputed 3 is a game featuring Ultimate Fighting Championship. It has been improved compared to his previous versions. This UFC for PC has been added many changes that improved the gameplay. Here you can read some improvements that were made in the game:

  • Now there is an option of playing online and download content online in order to make your fighter stronger and look nicer. This also allows you to play on UFC servers since the old ones were closed.
  • A new mode is now added to the game. The new mode is called Pride. In the mentioned mode you play with pride rules, ring and fighters. This means you play in the Pride Grand Prix arena that also has been included in the game. You have the ability to do several fights in the same night and fight with the damage that you got in the previous fight.
  • There is a new submission system. This includes some rear standing naked choke, the flying and standing guillotine choke.
  • UFC for PC also includes new stats such as footwork, ground grapple top and bottom for offense and defense.
  • They also redesigned the whole game which emphasizes the jabs, quick strikes and combinations. A big part of striking now is the fighter’s reach and new feint system and takedown interception knees have been added.
  • The elbow spamming has been fixed. Only several fighters have the option of using this in clinch range.
  • The game offers new clinch controls. These include new transition in the clinch to back control. Also whip knees can be done to the body and can be blocked.
  • In the career mode the stat decay feature has been removed. Roster fighters from UFC and Pride can now be taken from career mode.
  • Some new grounds have been added.
  • New options have been added: Stamina Simulation mode, Stat Equalizer and Competition Spec mode


All you need to do in order to get UFC Undisputed 3 PC Download is follow the below instructions:

  1. Click Here to download UFC Undisputed 3 PC.
  2. Extract the rar file which contains the downloader and a video which explains how to install the game.
  3. Double click the downloader.
  4. Click I agree to the terms and start installing.
  5. Wait until the installment is over.
  6. Click Play This Game.
  7. Enjoy !’
  • If you are having problems installing the game there is a “How to install” Video tutorial in the rar file.

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